The Donkey Dairy – Beeld Sept 2021

The Donkey Dairy

The Donkey Dairy - Not just any donkey!

Farming with donkeys is a wonderful thing.
The Donkey Dairy in Magaliesburg is the brainchild of Jesse Christelis and the actor Zak Hendrikz (Eben Nel in Binnelanders on KykNET) and is the only one of its kind in the country.
Jesse and Zak breed donkeys, but not any donkeys, the variegated donkey with blue eyes.
Donkey milk products are highly sought after with many benefits. In addition to making moisturizing cream and soap from donkey milk, Jesse also believes that this milk can help with the skin disease psoriasis and even asthma.
These two men have a special relationship with their donkeys. "Donkeys are very much like dogs. They are incredibly loyal. People keep them as pets, but they are also used as ‘watch dogs’. I do not know how many people know this, but donkey milk is the closest to human breast milk, ”says Zak.
A day of fun and adventure awaits you at The Donkey Dairy on weekends where seekers can experience interaction in the camps with miniature goats, donkeys, cattle and piglets. There are also two family-friendly hiking trails on the farm. Visitors can also visit the store and buy various donkey milk products. There are also boerewors rolls and soft drinks for sale.
The farm is open for day visits on Saturdays and Sundays between 09:00 and 15:00.
 To book your place, WhatsApp your name and the date you want to visit The Donkey Dairy to 072 262 5369.

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