Happy Yappers Animal sanctuary

Happy Yappers – Beeld Sept 2021

Happy Yappers makes a difference

It remains a struggle to be dependent on donations. To feed about 120 dogs at any given time and providing shelter is not an easy task every day.
The Happy Yappers Animal Shelter in Magaliesburg, a non-profit organization, does everything in their power to create a safe haven for stray dogs.
"It gives us joy. Being able to help dogs in need is a passion." Most of the dogs at the shelter are stray dogs. Over the last 12 months, people who simply can no longer care for their dogs have also come to download many dogs.
Many people have lost their jobs during the state of confinement and they simply can no longer look after their beloved dogs.
"It is our job to look after them, to feed them, to give them a warm place to sleep. To see that the dogs are happy and have a good run around makes everything worthwhile. ” says Happy Yappers Animal Shelter Manager Bernadette Begg.
This shelter depends on the community's support. Canned food, blankets, toys, building materials and dog houses are essential to ensure that the good work of Begg and her team can continue.
"Every dog ​​is precious and deserves to be in a safe environment. It is only through the help of the community that we can achieve this. It is a privilege to improve the quality of life of animals, ”says Begg.
 Contact Bernadette Begg at 083 566 8203 or leaping-frog38@gmail.com to offer any help or support to the animal shelter.

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