The chance of dying from COVID-19 for different risk factors in South Africa

People with tuberculosis (TB) and HIV are more likely to die from COVID-19

but they’re still better off than people living with hypertension and diabetes.

This was one of the findings which the Western Cape’s Department of Health shared in a recent panel discussion.
Dying from Covid-19Professor Mary-Ann Davies, director at the Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Research at the University of Cape Town, shed further light on the latest data.
According to a presentation by Davies, current risk factors for dying from COVID-19 include older age, being male, diabetes, cardiac disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease, and liver disease.
People who are overweight, have had an organ transplant, or were recently diagnosed with cancer also have a higher chance of dying from the coronavirus.
Research by the Western Cape’s Department of Health has shown that people with TB and HIV are also more likely to die from COVID-19.

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