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Girls & Boys Town SA

Girls and Boys Town SA removes the barriers that challenge youth at risk and helps them to shine.

Girls and Boys Town

Delivering national services that:
1. Focus on the individual needs of youth in Residential Family Homes and Youth Development Centres, by implementing nationally researched and specialised child and youth care programmes.
2. Improve the healthy development of youth in the broader community through Girls and Boys Town’s national Hotline and regional Training and Resource Centres.
3. Capacitate parents, caregivers, families, professionals, educators and others in the field of youth development through its National Family Services and Training Services divisions and programmes.
4. Evaluates implementation practices and researches trends in order that youth, families and educational facilities receive the best services and support that we can offer.
5. Offers specialised bridging and remedial programmes to youth who would otherwise be excluded from the formal educational systems through the Learning Support Centres.
6. Are sensitive to the need to deliver community-based services for youth in greatest need in less resourced communities.

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