Resignation of Marisa Wolheim

Marisa Wolheim
At the beginning of December 2019 our Secretary Marisa Wolheim resigned from the Executive Committee due to pressure of work, see her email/letter below.
At the Executive meeting held on 20 January 2020 it was decided that Leonie van Groenen will take over as Secretary temporarily pending a vote by the members of the Magalies Business and Tourism Forum.
Thank you Leonie for agreeing to perform this task.

Dear MBTF Exec
It is with gratitude and sadness that I have to inform you that I have made the decision to Resign as Exec Member
I have too many responsibilities and I fear not being available for my duties as a Committee Member and I do not want to let you down and feel guilty

I have enjoyed my journey with you and I am proud that I could serve you and the Magaliesburg Community.
Magaliesburg is my Love and my Home and will always be of interest for me. Wherever I can, I shall commit to support and advocate for the Growth of Magaliesburg.

I wish to offer my Observation whilst serving on the Committee - As the MBTF we have a huge responsibility to keep the future of Magaliesburg in our Focus and work towards assisting the Community to grow into that future…
Our role has to be to - Lead by Example…

We have to be careful not to be exclusive and have double standards. We have to put our personal agenda’s and business aside and represent All businesses and share everyone’s Growth.  I know it is a tough job as the participation is not always forthcoming although judgements and complaints are…

Leonie van Groenen


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