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Magaliesburg Housing Project Latest News

The Public Participation phase of the Magaliesburg housing project Application has been concluded.
All of the comments, objections and responses we received from the public, Municipality and other Stakeholders have been included
in a ‘Comment and Response Report’ and it forms an integral part of the Basic Assessment Report Application.

The Final Application has been submitted to the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
The Department will take into account the content of the Comment and Responses Report when they consider the Application.
This process can take up to 107 days.

Lynn Steenkamp

One thought on “Magaliesburg Housing Project Latest News

  1. I registered as an I and A, never received any information, was never given an opportunity to participate. The absence of PP meetings is, as I have been told is not the legal process that should be followed. Will put my objection in at GDARD

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