Cancervive Ladies Rally to Visit Magaliesburg

The Cancervive flagship event is an annual 10-day motorcycle ride across South Africa, where more than 60 of our cancer survivors, supporters, crew and media embark on a mission to spread awareness, educate, and deliver the message of hope and encouragement to communities along our way. The Cancervive campaign members share their stories, celebrate life, and recognise that a cancer diagnosis does not have to mean a death sentence. Cancervive also honours those that have lost their battles, and raise funds to help fight the disease.

This year the Cancervive Motorcycle Rally will be stopping in Magaliesburg on the Wednesday 9th October.

  • 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Bekker Hoer School
  • 1:45 PM – 3:30 PM Black Horse Brewery

Marketing and Social Media Talk from Odd Poppy Creative

On 3 July 2019, at Black Horse Brewery, Magalies Business and Tourism Forum held a pre-MRtC meeting  at which Keo van Niekerk from Odd Poppy Creative Agency gave an excellent talk about Marketing and Social Media.

A short extract and link to the talk is given below.
If you are a business owner please visit the Odd Poppy website to read this useful article.

“Firstly, a big thanks to the Magalies Business Forum for inviting Odd Poppy Creative to their member meeting to shed some
light on Marketing and Social Media in preparation for their annual event, Magalies Rocks the Cradle 2019. This is in fact an
enormous topic so we covered it as best we could in the short time we had.”

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Magalies Rocks the Cradle – Podcast

Today Reaan Immelman is giving a short overview of the upcoming Magalies Rocks the Cradle festival which is held over the last weekend of August annually (23 to 25 August this year).
With over 50 venues and 100 events this will again be a memorable event
Come and join us in and around the Magalies region for this great weekend of Art, Food, Drink, History, Adventure and much, much more . . . 

Blackhorse Brewery & Distillery: Magaliesburg

Our Guest today is Bernard Botha from Blackhorse Brewery and Distillery which is Pioneers in Craft Brewing & Distilling in Magaliesburg since 2012
Black Horse Estate offers an artisanal craft brewery & distillery as well as a quaint restaurant, a magnificent banquet hall for weddings and conferences with in-house catering and a variety of accommodation.
The brewery is just an hour’s scenic drive outside Johannesburg and is situated on the edge of the Magalies River with lush green fields and majestic black horses. Overlooking the breathtaking Zeekoeihoek valley guests can relax and enjoy an afternoon under our magnificent Pecan nut trees. 
Listen to the Origins and fascinating story of Blackhorse and why it is so popular !!




Michael Pienaar at LJP Tourism – Podcast with Magalies Tourism

Michael Pienaar (23), is a director at LJP Tourism and also the Chairperson of the Magalies Business & Tourism Forum. His life has mostly been driven by his passion for golf which has given him the opportunity to explore the nine provinces in South Africa as well as the chance to visit various countries on four different continents. Through his travels he developed a huge passion for tourism and I decided to establish LJP Tourism which extends the group of LJP Engineering and LJP Architecture. 

Baboon’s Rest is the venue that offers very exclusive experiences such as pop-up functions in our Organic tent, luxury picnics in the bush, romantic dinners under the stars, mountaintop helicopter picnic’s as well as mountaintop helicopter bush braai’s and our latest addition is Cashane Junior Rangers survival school which focuses on teaching children basic survival training. A fun fact is since we they opened doors in February 2018, they have arranged 19 successful proposals at Baboon’s Rest. 

LJP Tourism has partnered with Magalies Tourism which is an initiative of the Magalies Business & Tourism Forum with the vision for the Magalies area to be the preferred tourism destination in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. This portal gives you access to everything on offer in the Magalies area for local & International tourists. They have decided to create unique day tours to Magaliesburg and surrounding areas which is less than an hour from Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa  

Some day tours on offer are: 

• The Magalies Battlefields Tour 

• Aerial Cableway & Cradle of Humankind Discovery

• Big Five Game experience 

• Magalies Discovery 

• Cradle of Humankind Discovery 

• Hot Air Balloon Flight – Self-Drive  

• Magalies Canopy Tour (Ziplining) 

 The Magalies Business & Tourism Forum (MBTF) aims to advance economic growth and productivity in the Magaliesburg and surrounds, with 

120 active members where they connect diverse opportunities. The MBTF also host the ‘Magalies Rocks The Cradle’ Festival which takes place on the 23:24:25 August 2019 

For more information visit or or 



Magalies Tourism delivers first podcast


Our host is Greg Zurnamer from Reefsteamers. This company is a non profit Company and is affiliated to the Transnet Heritage Foundation (Railway Museum) and are controlled under their auspices. 

When Transnet discontinued daily steam operations during 1991, Reefsteamers was established at the old loco shed in Germiston, South Africa.
Their main objective is to preserve and rebuild old steam locomotives.  All work is done on a voluntary basis and no one is paid any remuneration whatsoever.
They currently have 100 members both local and overseas. Twenty-five people are actively involved in restoration during weekends.
They aim to offer a very competitive, comfortable and efficient service to their passengers as the success of the organisation and consequently the preservation of steam relies heavily on their ability to fund the projects.

This podcast highlights the history of steam locomotives in South Africa and the centenary celebrations of Susan, the oldest operating steam train in the fleet of Reefsteamers.

As part of the centenary celebrations, Magalies Tourism is creating a unique steam train experience on 24 August 2019 from Park Station in Johannesburg to Magaliesburg and passengers can choose from an option of 5 venues.
For real-time online bookings, visit HERE
Debit, Credit and Zapper is acceptable as payment



Magaliesburg Fire Season Family Fun Day

Fire season is again threatening rural and farm dwellers on the West Rand.
Fire-breaks have to be burned by end of June but the burning often gets out of hand and owners and workers alike suffer burns because they used the wrong techniques.
Mogale City Fire Protection Associations (FPA), Working on Fire and West Rand District Municipality are concerned that many landowners and farm tenants will be at risk of losing their lives, livestock and property if they don’t have family-oriented plans to deal with rampant fires racing across the veld towards their homes this winter.
Luckily the dynamic, community-oriented Magaliesburg FPA has listened to community needs and activated various local businesses and organisations to present a fun-filled information and training day for landowners and their families on Saturday, 25 May 2019.
Working on Fire members and local caregivers trained by the NPO Benjiflo will be present to meet the community, share their expertise and offer their skills and services where they are needed.

Why families?
Panic kills old and young regardless of how much they are loved. During a fire every person on the premises is at risk and must have the security of knowing how they fit into the family emergency plan; what the emergency priorities are; what they have to do to stay safe; and how to activate community help at every stage of the fire emergency.
Every landowner should register as a member of the local Fire Protection Association and their small annual contributions help to provide the fire equipment and workers needed to help them protect their lives and properties in a fire emergency.
However, most landowners do not know anything about how to join or participate in an FPA, which leaves them at risk and unprepared when their lives are threatened. Hence the FPA Information Day to provide guidance in a relaxed but structured way aimed at making even small children comfortable with dealing with danger. Kids who suffer information overload will find lots of fun board games and refreshments available to keep them going. An area in Magaliesburg like Hartebeestfontein will not allow a landowner to join the FPA if he/she does not adhere to the legislation. The Hartebeestfontein area does not allow firebreak BURNING by anyone unless equipped and trained to do it safely, due to many wildfires in the past caused by inexperienced and under-equipped landowners trying to burn firebreaks.

Dads will be guided on back-burning and how best to drive 4×4’s across their farms with water-based fire-fighting units.
Mums and children will also learn how to deal with bush-fires as a family. Whole families need to know the elements of dealing with trauma in burn victims (offered by Netcare 911) and how to care for the aged and injured after fires. Advice will be given on medical first-aid kits suitable for burn injuries. Blowers and back-burners will be demonstrated for those who want to acquire their own fire-fighting equipment.

Protests and riots have become common events. Magaliesburg is community-oriented in its socially integrated approach to fire safety, so West Rand Community Police Forum members will be attending to benefit from a Krugerdorp Fire Department demonstration of scene safety during car and tyre fires.

This FPA event is aimed at saving local lives and protecting rural properties.
Nedbank is supporting the day as part of their Proud of My Town campaign.
The local Hervormde church is supplying the venue and will sell refreshments as a fund-raiser towards the costs of their own community projects.
Landowners are requested to register their interest by contacting Ryan Marsden at 083 324 2651 or

Housing Project

Magaliesburg Housing Project Latest News

The Public Participation phase of the Magaliesburg housing project Application has been concluded.
All of the comments, objections and responses we received from the public, Municipality and other Stakeholders have been included
in a ‘Comment and Response Report’ and it forms an integral part of the Basic Assessment Report Application.

The Final Application has been submitted to the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
The Department will take into account the content of the Comment and Responses Report when they consider the Application.
This process can take up to 107 days.

Lynn Steenkamp