Executive Committee

    Executive Committee    
Position   Name   Email
Chairperson   Hannelie Hartman   hhartman@mweb.co.za
Secretary, communication, accounts   Domenique da Fonseca Wollheim   dominique@renencom.co.za
Treasurer   Angela de Cunha   angela.mlwliquors@gmail.com
 Vice-Chairperson, legal   Henk Venter   henk@hvlaw.co.za
 Membership, communication   Natasha van Rensburg   finance@askarilodge.co.za
Statutory, planning, networking    Maartin Freidrich   maartin@mannadc.co.za
 General, support   Anita Steenkamp   anita@remax-townandcountry.co.za
 Infrastructures, networking   Steven van Niekerk   steven@renencom.co.za
 IT, web, social media   Richard Sanderson   richard@appsman.co.za
 General, support   Rory Blake Taylor   rory@bru-house.co.za



Hannelie Hartman

Designation in MBF Exec - Chairperson

A qualified pharmacist and a dynamic business woman who owns and has successfully built up a group of four pharmacies in the Magaliesburg-moot area since 1989, Hannelie Hartman sees herself first and foremost as the mother of her two children; Carla (18) and Rijn (20), and as life partner to Errol Sanders with whom she shares a rustic homestead on the foothills of the Magalies mountains.

Hannelie obtained a B.Pharm degree at the university of Potchefstroom in 1986, moved to Magaliesburg in 1989 - where she opened Country Pharmacy.

As employer of a contingent of 30 people Hannelie strongly believes in helping people develop their full potential. She is running a youth development program in her pharmacies where she gives inexperienced youth the necessary skills.
Apart from her work in the medical field - Melon Rouge was created in 2007 - a venue where food, art, books, antiques, vintage clothing and leisure meet to create an interesting space where friends and families come together.

As a leader - Hannelie plays a key role in her community on different levels. She is a founding member of the Magaliesburg Business Forum of which she has been the chairperson since 2015. She has managed not only to realise her vision for herself and her business but continues to strive to serve her community and to inspire the people she comes into contact with.

Contact details:  Email - h.hartman@mweb.co.za


Angela de Cunha

Designation in MBF Exec - Treasurer

angela-de-cunhaAngela Da Cunha is a business woman with three existing businesses established fifteen years ago and situated in Magaliesburg.
Angela joined her late husband in creating a successful family business and has carried on his dream and legacy for four years with the support of her great team, family and the beautiful Magaliesburg community.
Angela is not only a business woman but a very proud mom to her two beautiful daughters, aged eighteen and fifteen who are her whole world.
Angela believes that to receive you have to give, therefore she is involved in several community projects.
She is the treasurer to Magalies Business Forum and the Community Police Forum. She also assists the DA committee and the Sector Crime Forum and is involved in assisting the local community schools and charity organizations.
Angela is currently renovating one of her retail stores and is very excited to offer the community and tourists a better shopping experience.
Although Angela lives in the West Rand her heart will always belong to the beautiful countryside of Magaliesburg.
Contact details:
Email: angela.mlwliquors@gmail.com

Natasha van Rensburg

Natasha van Rensburg has been the  Finance Manager at Askari Lodge since November 2009.
NatashaShe moved to Magaliesburg in December 2005, although her parents have lived here since 1996.
Natashas children attended school at Woodlands Prep and then at Bekker High School, her eldest matriculating last year.

Contact details:
Email: finance@askarilodge.co.za



Henk Venter

After school Henk Venter studied law through the University of South Africa [Unisa] while he was working in the Department of Justice. He obtained his B.Iuris degree in 1971 and was admitted as an attorney in the same year.
He was transferred from Pretoria to Windhoek as State Attorney but left the department two years later and practised for his own account in Namibia for a number of years. In later years he was also a state law advisor in Namibia where he was mainly involved in labour legislation.
After returning from Namibia to South Africa he was legal adviser at the Gazankulu Development Corporation where he rendered legal services to the department of Agriculture as well as Small Business Development. During the period at the Gazankulu Development Corporation he served as member of the board of the Merensky High School in Tzaneen for five years of which two years was in the capacity of chairman. Before opening the practise in Magaliesburg 2007 he was also a legal advisor in the corporate world in Johannesburg for three years.
Because of his involvement in the labour law matters as well as local government law matters he did an advanced course in labour law through Unisa in 2012 and an advanced course in Local Government Law through the University of Pretoria in 2013.
Henk has the wellbeing of the community at heart and has, over the last ten years, acted in court cases at no charge on behalf of a number of local people as well as for community organisations. He was also secretary for the Magaliesburg Rate Payers Association for three years.

Contact details: 
Email - henk@hvlaw.co.za


Anita Steenkamp

Anita has a BA.HOD and was a teacher for 15 years.  She started her career in teaching at our very own Bekker High School.  In 1999 she tr
anitaaded the black board for the exciting proposition of running her own boutiques.  In 2006 she had enough of the fashion industry and decided to sell properties.  She started in Krugersdorp and eventually founded her own brand, Farmfinders.  During 2013 her husband, Kobus and herself decided to buy the RE/MAX franchise in Randfontein.  They have since expanded and now have 4 branches, doing sales, rentals, valuations, sectional title management and commercial properties.  Her estate agent qualifications include CEA, NQF 4, PDE, and the Privy Seal.

Anita has lived in Magaliesburg for the past 27 years, and is involved with the local primary school, the church as well as the MBF.  On a personal note, she has 2 grown sons, and 5 beautiful Bull Terriers.  She loves gardening and making a difference in the lives of those around her.

Contact details: 
Email - anita@remax-townandcountry.co.za

Richard Sanderson

Richard was born in Malta, raised in the United Kingdom and has been married to his wife Jenny for 42 Years.
100_1098-300x225He trained as a radiographer in Plymouth England from 1970 to 1972 and then worked for 10 years as a radiographer at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.
In 1982 Richard and his family emmigrated to South Africa to take up employment at Johannesburg Hospital where he was head of the trauma x-ray department for 8 years.
During this period Richard was a member of the Johannesburg Hospital Major Disaster Committee, He also served for 3 years as the Johannesburg representative on the National Committee of the Society of Radiographers of South Africa.
In 1994 Richard moved to the private sector and took employment at Philips Medical Systems where he became an X-ray Application Specialist specialising in the usage and setup of cardiac and vascular interventional systems, travelling for 18 years throughout Africa and the Middle East to train staff on the systems.
Over the last 15 years Richard has also taught himself database design and web design and when he retired in 2012 he and Jenny moved to Magaliesberg where he set up his web design business Appsman Web Design.

Contact details: 
Email - richard@appsman.co.za


Michael Pienaar



Stoney Steenkamp



Louis Mienie



Ryan Marsden

Ryan Marsden

Ryan Marsden is a family and community-oriented person. His family owns the Rose Well Country House and Spa. His family moved to Magaliesburg in 1984 and he attended both Laerskool and Hoerskool Bekker.
He is married to Salomien  and they have two very bright children, David and Justin.
Studied business management, marketing, IT electronic commerce and has participated as a guest speaker at events like The Google Road Show.
Ryan has served on Bekker Primary’s school governing body for more than 6 years and for more than half of that time he has been the SGB vice chairman. He is therefore thoroughly familiar with all aspects of school governance and has recently been elected to the high school SGB the chair for marketing and fund-raising.

In the broader community he functions as

  • treasurer of the local Sector Crime Forum
  • chairman of the Hervormde Church financial committee
  • Public Relations Officer for Magaliesburg Community Crime Prevention Forum
  • an active member of the Magaliesburg Business Forum and
  • acting Project Manager of the agriculture aspects of the Magaliesburg Development Forum

Ryan is passionate about making quality learning and teaching a reality for every child by working with local business, schools and churches. He  maintains a working relationship with local Ward councils and works within existing structures with social and economical developers as well as existing structures within government departments and the South African Police Service
He works at creating sustainable, workable links with all these stakeholders so that our children and local people can have a better future.

Debbie Prinsloo

Debbie returned to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 1999 after having lived and worked on a farm in Shamva.
She moved to Springtop piggery which was then owned by Anglo American farms and was on the untarred Orient road, now the Maropeng Road, long before Maropeng was built.
Shortly thereafter Debbie started work at Mogale’s Gate.
She later took over the reins at The Auto Cradle Estate for five years and returned to Mogale’s Gate to help out which lasted a further six years.
Debbie  is currently self-employed, still trying to find her feet but she feels that after so many years in the valley she might be of some use to local business.