Environmental Issues

Environmental Impact

Currently there are several projects ongoing in the Magalies region, these include mining, a housing development in Magaliesburg and an abattoir in Hekpoort.

The policy of Magalies Business Forum is one of information disemination only and as a group has no opinion.
However all members are encouraged to get involved in the various projects if they feel that they may be involved.
Always register as an affected or interested party to receive updated information as it becomes available

Environmental Issues

Extract from  Background Information Document:

This development forms part of the Gauteng Infrastructure Funding Summit for Mega Projects.
The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements' (GDHS) mandate is to ensure the provision of Integrated
Sustainable Human Settlements within a smart Gauteng City Region. The Department’s vision is aligned to
the strategic paradigm shift away from sporadic and uncoordinated developments to purposely planned and
developed “Mega Cities” that are completely self-sufficient in providing for the housing, economic and social
needs of the community. Mega Projects is a R100-billion economic corridor investment that aims to deliver
more than 800 000 houses within 31 residential developments spread across the five development corridors
in Gauteng, and Magaliesburg Ext. 19 forms part of the Western Corridor.
Through the Mega Cities programme in the five corridors, the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements
targets to build 520 000 housing units in total, with 160 000 allocated to the Western Corridor to be
completed by the end of the current term in 2019. The West Rand is currently recognised by its mining
activities, agricultural holdings and industrial activity.

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