De Hoek Country Hotel announces the launch of its “Bread tags-for-Wheelchairs” campaign.

De Hoek Country Hotel, in collaboration with the Bekker Primary School, Magaliesburg and the Impala Rissies Wheelchair Rugby Club, is launching a massive drive to collect as many bread tags as possible to provide wheelchairs to those in need.

So what do you do with the little tag that keeps the bag closed? And have you ever wondered what you could do with the bread tags that normally end up in the dustbin?


Well, they could be used to help someone in need of a wheelchair!

Bread tags – the little plastic thingamajigs that keep the bag closed – come in many shapes, sizes and colours and are made of such high-quality polystyrene that they have excellent recycling value. It takes 200 bread bags, filled with tags packed into 10 black bags, or 200 kg of tags to bring in enough money to buy one wheelchair. Collecting bread tags, even broken ones, makes a difference to the environment as they are melted down and recycled into picture frames, skirting, cornices, seedling trays, coat hangers and other items.

In order to gift a wheelchair, we need 200kg bread tags“, says Angelique van der Merwe, De Hoek’s Marketing Manager , “and we are calling all schools,  learners, teachers, parents and friends, to collect the tags from the loaves they buy, as many as possible,  as they’ll  be helping provide wheelchairs for people who can’t afford to purchase them”.

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