Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site Management Authority Tourism Information Sessions


Below is the report back on the recent meetings (9th and 12th May 2018) of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site Management Authority
The stakeholders mentioned in the presentation are all those influenced and affected by the Word Heritage site.
However broader than that – its the core area, the buffer area (some of our members fall into both ) and then the tourism feed area (that’s Magaliesburg..! ) 
This is the plan for the next 5 years and decisions will be made that might influence us in a good or bad way. 

It is essential that all stakeholders (that is YOU) need to participate – If you don’t participate you can’t complain afterwards… 



The COHWHS Management Authority wishes to express their gratitude to all stakeholders who participated in the Introductory Integrated Management Plan sessions held on the 9th and 12th May 2018.
Please find attached a copy of the presentation, for your records.
Please forward this information to all other relevant stakeholders.

Attached is a copy of the questionnaire for possible stakeholders.
Once completed, you are welcome to send it back to to be submitted it to the relevant official, Ms Lindsey

Contact details for the COHWHS MA officials can be found at the end of the presentation (slide no. 42)

Email or phone him on 011 085 2520
Email or phone her on 011 085 2475.


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