Mogale City Crime Forum (MCCF) Safety and Security Summit

The Mogale City Crime Forum is a civil society initiative comprising of the office of the Mayor Krugersdorp, the West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism (WRCBT), the Community Police Forum Krugersdorp (CPF), the South Africa Police Services Krugersdorp (SAPS), Afriforum Krugersdorp, private security companies and nongovernmental organisations. The primary objective of the MCCF is to coordinate safety and security initiatives in Krugersdorp to ensure a safer community for its residents.
On 30 August 2017 at 08:30 for 09:00 until 13:00, the Safety and Security Summit will take place at the Silverstar Casino. Continue reading

Magaliesberg – I fell in love with it again.

Here is an excerpt from an article by Justice Malala in the Financial Times recently.

Maropeng Hotel

Maropeng Hotel

Over the Easter holidays I drove out to the Magaliesberg. I go there a lot because, like many office workers, I have been packed off by the bosses for a strategy session or two and the Magalies is full of farms, rivers and conference centres. So I have never really taken the time to enjoy it.

It’s gorgeous, you know. There is so much to do in so many beautiful, serene venues along the Magaliesberg mountain range. For the weekend we did everything from archery to walking to mountain biking to sitting by the pool at the African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa.

We went further. For a fabulous outing any day you must visit Maropeng, the visitor centre for the Cradle of Humankind and the Sterkfontein Caves. I have been to this place twice before and I cannot recommend it enough. What an astonishing achievement. Here, you can see all the amazing journeys that humankind has travelled and why the whole world is abuzz with the discoveries from this area. What makes it even more amazing is the gorgeous architecture, and the sensitive and aesthetically pleasing curation, of the whole place.

I fell in love with it again.