About Magalies Business Forum



The following is an extract from the MBF Constitution:

3.1        The objectives of the MBF, which is politically neutral, are to protect the interests of businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals of the area and to promote the economic, cultural and environmental development of the area, by-

3.1.1     developing a commercial environment in which entrepreneurship can flourish;

3.1.2     establishing a rapport with civic, business and other sectors of the area in order to be recognized as representing and presenting the views of commerce to the community;

3.1.3     assisting in the promotion of trade and by keeping members informed of trade opportunities;

3.1.4     delivering a comprehensive service to its members which includes informing members of factors affecting trade, commerce and industry;

3.1.5     providing information and advice in respect of legislation governing employer/employee relations, conditions of employment, trade and economic affairs, taxation, small business incentives, tourism, education and training via the media including the internet and e-mail;   

3.1.6     providing networking opportunities with local and international business contacts;

3.1.6     promoting social responsibility and community growth through participation in local community activities and community projects;

3.1.7     liaison, negotiating and co-operating with the national, provincial and local authorities and other organizations with similar objectives in order to ensure that:  policies, legislation and regulations do not negatively affect commerce and trade in the area;  essential services of an acceptable standard are delivered;  acceptable health standards are maintained;  the environment in general and more specifically water and other natural resources are protected;  the community is protected against crime and disasters;  public roads are safe and properly maintained;  development planning of the area is done in accordance with the applicable legislation and with due consideration of the interests of existing and affected businesses, and  economic and social development is done in a framework of acceptable standards and with consideration of to

3.1.8     liaison and negotiation with local authorities on the levy of rates, land tax and tariffs for the delivery of services to the community;

3.1.9     liaison and co-operation with other community organisations in the area with similar objectives as the MBF;  

3.1.10   the institution of protest and legal actions in order to attain the objectives of the MBF;

3.2        The MBF may be affiliated with other organizations in the area in order to promote the MBF’s objectives provided that such organizations are politically neutral and their objectives are not in contradiction with the objectives of the MBF.